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    Server Update Chroma Technology Now running version 1.4.3

    Hey everyone, Chroma Technology has received quite an update! This update is now available on the ModRealms Launcher. Please make sure that your clients are up to date before you launch :) Version: 1.4.3 IP: Modpack: Chroma Technology This update brings with it new...
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    May Supporter Kits

    Hey everyone! It's that time again! Time to say goodbye to our April Supporter kits and say hello to our May kits! MC Eternal: Archaeology 101 FTB Revelation: Astral beginnings SevTech: Ages Of The Sky: Storage 101 RLCraft: Equipment forger PO3: Draconic Theory Omnifactory...
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    April Supporter kit update

    Hey everyone! Its that time again! Time for new kits to rise and shine! This months kits are fantastic. We hope that you'll love them! MC Eternal: Yer a wizard Electrobob ! FTB Revelation: Draconic revelations SevTech: Ages Of The Sky: Abyssal Beginnings RLCraft: Dragons R Us PO3...
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    March Supporter kit update!

    Hey Everyone, Its that time again! Out with the old and in with the new! We have some fantastic new supporter kits for this month that we hope you'll love! MC Eternal: Bewitched! FTB Revelation: Botanic Creations SevTech: Ages Of The Sky: Astral Beginnings RLCraft: Enchanters delight...
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    Server Opening Chroma Technology Opening and more!

    Summary: Chroma Technology Release. 35% Sale on both Monthly and Lifetime Supporter ranks. Global Kits Revamp. Chroma Technology Release Hey everyone. We are pleased to announce that Chroma Technology is now available to all players on the network! This pack is quickly accumulating more...
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    February Kit Updates

    Hey Everyone, Its time to say goodbye to Januarys kits and say a big Hello! To the new kits for February. MC Eternal: Fly Me To The Moon FTB Revelation: Storage methodology SevTech: Ages Of The Sky: Totemic advances RLCraft: Enchanters delight Attack Variant PO3: Botanic Creations...
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    January Kit Update

    Hey Everyone, It's time to say goodbye to the December / Christmas Supporter kits and introduce The all new January / New year supporter kits! MC Eternal: Arcane Dealings FTB Revelation: Blood Magic Basics SevTech: Ages Of The Sky: Mekanism 101 RLCraft: Equipment Forger PO3: Take me...
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    December Supporter kits

    Hey everyone, Its here! We've gone ahead and updated our supporter kits for December! We hope you like them! With the addition of Revelation, our Supporters now have access to 6 Newly updated kits. The kits are as follows : MC Eternal: Mystical Seedlings FTB Revelation: Arcane Dealings...
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    Server Update SevTech: AOTS now running Beta 1

    Hey Everyone, SevTech: AOTS has been successfully updated to Beta 1 !! This update is now available on the ModRealms Launcher :) Please be sure to update your clients before connecting. Version: Beta1 IP: Modpack: SevTech : AOTS Bug Fixes: * Removed Sevadus skull...
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    Server Update SevTech: Ages of The Sky now running Alpha 5

    Hey, we have just updated our SevTech server to reflect the latest build, Alpha 5. This update is now available on the Modrealms launcher for you all to install and enjoy Version: Alpha 5 IP: Modpack...
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    New Forum Announcements

    Fabulous! wanted the forum to be used more :)