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  1. Varitek

    Tutorial Using the Chunkloading System

    At ModRealms we have our own custom Chunkloading plugin made in-house. However that means the system may take a bit to get used to, luckily it was made to be fairly easy once you have a handle on using the system. This will be split into three sections to cover the options in our Chunkloading...
  2. Varitek

    Tutorial How do I trust my friend in my claim?

    We are a very community-oriented network here at ModRealms, as such, we like to see people combining forces with others whom they trust. Once you have your claim, there are many sub-commands you can use to customize the permissions user will have within your claim. Overworld Packs: The simplest...
  3. Varitek

    Tutorial How do I get the ModRealms Launcher?

    Hey! You can download our brand new ModRealms Launcher from here. A direct download is also here. Our launcher contains many features such as in-built news feed from our discord server, live-status from Mojang, automatic installation of Java and much more! We will always recommend that you use...
  4. Varitek

    Tutorial How do I use Chats and Channels?

    Need pics
  5. Varitek

    Tutorial How do I claim land?

    While nomad living can be fun for a while, eventually you will want to settle down and set up camp. Once you have a home established and set with /sethome, it will be important to protect that newly made home and all of your property. Overworld Packs: To start you will need to grab a golden...