Chroma Technology and Valentines!


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Apr 28, 2019
United Kingdom
Hey there!

I hope you're all staying well.

Chroma Technology Early Access

I'm pleased to share that we have a new server on the horizon! Chroma Technology is a large, exciting and wonderful pack with over 300 mods and thousands of quests! It's similar to MC Eternal in size, but varies greatly in the diversity of mods that it provides - including more quirky and exciting mods, whilst remaining true to a kitchen-sink modpack with all of the mods you know and love. This server is currently in Early Access and can be accessed by all of our Supporters right away!

If you are supporter, you can connect to the server with until the Sunday 21st February where all players will be able to join! This is our bug-testing period so all feedback and bug reports are greatly appreciated.

Support(er) Your Valentine
"Have you ever wanted to provide the most exciting, dainty, luxurious gift to the one you love? Well here you go! From now until 17th Februrary, all new Supporter Rank purchases will provide a second rank, totally for free! This means that if your significant other is planning on buying a new rank for themselves, you can snatch a free month, for free! Otherwise, you can gift this free month to your best friend feeling absolutely wonderful! Of course if you purchase a Lifetime rank, they will also receive that Lifetime rank to keep forever! A truly lovely present indeed."

Please note, we are not liable for any disappointment this year. You must ensure that the recipient is willing to take your gift to avoid any sadness this year. However, we are there as a shoulder to sob on. - Ally

You can take advantage of this Buy One Get One Free sale with any purchase made that includes a Monthly or Lifetime Supporter rank available at

I will contact all purchasers asking them who they wish to send their free gift too, as well as including a secret message if they so wish.

I look forwarding to hearing from you all in the future.

Thank you all for being the greatest.