Server Opening Chroma Technology Opening and more!


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May 18, 2020
United Kingdom
Chroma Technology Release.
35% Sale on both Monthly and Lifetime Supporter ranks.
Global Kits Revamp.

Chroma Technology Release

Hey everyone. We are pleased to announce that Chroma Technology is now available to all players on the network! This pack is quickly accumulating more players and with its public release I cant wait to see you all online enjoying the pack!

As of this post we are running the latest version of the pack which is version 1.4.1 and can be quickly downloaded through our ModRealms Launcher! (insert hyperlink:

You can connect with the following address:

7-Day Supporter Sale

To celebrate the public release of Chroma Technology, we have activated a 35% Sale on all our Monthly and Lifetime Supporter Ranks, including upgrades! You can find these on our store here

Global Kits 2.0 Release

After some time we decided that our global starter kit needed a face-lift. The revamp is available on all packs and can be redeemed every 48 hours. Not only this, but we've also given our store a face-lift too! Our store now has a cleaner, more modern look with colours, animations and responsive menus!

Each kit has been personalised to give players the best start. This may include weapons, shields, armour, and much more! Players should take note that each kit will take up your entire inventory (bar one or two slots) So make sure you have room before redeeming.

To view our full list of Global Starter Kits, please follow this link

To purchase the Global Starter Kit, please follow this link

I hope you are all having a fabulous week and I hope to see you all in game and on the discord! Keep safe and happy gaming!