December Update / Giveaways


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Apr 28, 2019
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- Christmas Giveaways
- Monthly Voters So Far
- New Second Machine
- All Players Gain /back
- Default Island Size Upgraded (90x90 > 180x180)

Hey! I hope you're all having the best festive season so far. This is just an announcement giving you an update on a few topics and changes regarding the network, which I hope you all enjoy! If you have any questions regarding this announcement, please do comment down below.

Our Second Machine:balance-scale:
I'm pleased to announce that thanks to our wonderful supporters and community, we have rented out of a second machine for our servers, allowing us to host up to 7-8 new servers in the future! We have also moved MC Eternal and SevTech: Ages Of The Sky to this new machine to ensure we have some extra breathing-room for our first machine. Both of our machines are running the Intel I9 9900K with up to 192GB of memory collectively! Over the coming weeks and months, bringing us into 2021, we hope to bring you many more servers and wonderful experiences!

All Players Gain /back For Free! 🎁
As many of you will know, we changed our AFK kicker from 10 minutes to 30 minutes of inactivity, as a gift for Christmas. During this announcement, we'll share two more permanent changes that we're making for all of our players to enjoy during the end of the year, and into the next! I am pleased to announce that from now on, all players will gain /back that can be used every two minutes to take you back to your Portal Teleports, Returnable Teleports (such as /home, /tpa, /rtp, etc) and Deaths for free! Supporters will still gain access to bypass the cooldown and warmup for these commands, however.

Default Island Size Upgraded 🏝
I'm also pleased to share that all players will now have an upgraded island size on Project Ozone 3 and any future skyblock servers that follow (since SevTech: AOTS does not provide a set island for you, it is not included) of 180x180 from 90x90, and all supporter island sizes will also increase as follows:
Star = 120x120 -> 240x240
Meteorite = 160x160 -> 280x280
Asteroid = 200x200 -> 320x320
Comet = 240x240 -> 360x360
Cosmos = 280x280 -> 400x400
Following some feedback I've noticed across the last few weeks, I feel that both of these changes will help improve your experience as players and I hope that you all make the most of it! We have more changes regarding the aquisition of chunkloading credits that we will be announcing nearer to Christmas!

Monthly Voters So Far :1st-place-medal:
I must say, you have all been wonderful this year with your voting so far, and I would like to give you all an overview of where we are at currently! This month, we have already received 3462 from over 403 players which already tops last month and is brilliant to see! Here are the standings as of currently:

In first place so far, we have doomjunyu, Redshirt_Si and OMadRabbit each with 55 votes.
In second place, we have Devil_Advocate02 with 54 votes.
In third place, we have mistwave and marki991 both with 53 votes.

However it is all to play for! Looking down the list, most players in the top 10-15 are all within one vote of eachother, and anybody could still make it in the top three for the chance to win some store rewards at the end of the month!

Christmas Giveaways🎄
Lastly, I am pleased to share that every player who has voted this month will be eligible to earn a free Lifetime Supporter Rank! On the 24th December, we will be picking 3 players to receive either Star, Meteorite or Asteroid Lifetime for free! Each of these players will also earn themselves a 30% store-wide coupon to use in the next year ahead and a free Christmas 2020 Package if they don't already have it!

We will announce the winners on Discord on the 24th December so be sure to get your votes in before then if you haven't already this month! If you wish to give us some feedback during your time with us, please don't hesitate to let us know below, or on Discord!

Thank you all!
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