Tutorial How do I claim land?


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Apr 28, 2019
While nomad living can be fun for a while, eventually you will want to settle down and set up camp. Once you have a home established and set with /sethome, it will be important to protect that newly made home and all of your property.

Overworld Packs:
To start you will need to grab a golden shovel (if you are not given one automatically, you may be able to use /claimtool), once you do that a message will appear in chat telling you how many claimblocks you have left to use:
You start on the server with 100 claimblocks to make an area that is 10 x 10, the more you play on the server, the more claimblocks you accrue.
Note: You can also get claimblocks as a donation reward, and buying more claimblocks directly at https://store.modrealms.net/

Start by right clicking on one block, then walking out to the opposite corner, right click again on block and the claim will be made. When claiming, you do not need to worry about the Y level, it will automatically claim top to bottom, with no extra cost. Once the claim is created, you will be notified in chat if it was successful:

If you want to resize your claim later, simply use the golden shovel and right click on one corner of the existing claim then right click on the block you want to move the corner to:

Skyblock Packs:
On our Skyblock servers, claims are made for you in the form of islands. You can sub-divide your island claims but we would not recommend that unless you know what you're doing. To get started, you simply need to run /is create which will teleport you to your own claimed piece of void world in the sky.

By default, 96x96 is claimed for you, but you can expand this by running /is expand <radius> which uses claimblocks that you gain while playing.
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