New Forum Announcements


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Apr 28, 2019
United Kingdom
Hey! I hope you're all having a fantastic evening.

This is our first forum announcement in quite a while, but I am now going to try my best to ensure that all important announcements are written in this format, so that they can be intregrated into our new
ModRealms Launcher more seemlessly than our current discord announcements.

How Come?
Whilst we haven't used our forum isn't used at all, I've always wanted to use it because it allows for clean, coloured and formatted announcements and also ensures that players who don't necessarily have Discord are still able to receive all of the necessary news (with email notifications, if wanted). Our discord server will receive links to our new announcements too, so there is no need to worry about missing anything if you're not already on our forum.

Anything Else?
That's quite all really. I may look into redesigning the forum slightly, since it's currently very 2018 and it's always good to spice things up if it's been a while. If you're logged onto our forum, I look forward to reading your responses below. If you're not, welcome to our forum! :D

Thank you!

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