Server Opening RLCraft Node 2 And More!


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Apr 28, 2019
United Kingdom
- RLCraft Node 2 Opening.
- 30% Store Sale / 40% Lifetime Supporter Sale.
- RLCraft Bug Fix.

RLCraft Node 2 Opening
Hey! I'm pleased to announce that due to the increased popularity in our RLCraft server recently, we've been hard at work preparing a second node for you all! Just like previously when we had the node, you can now connect with direct IPs to get to each node, or travel to your last-played node with the standard rlcraft address. When you choose RLCraft in the hub server, you will receive a menu that shows you all of the different nodes to play, with some statistics about each.

This second node will have an entirely new world for players, so that either new players can play on a (for now) less-populated server that is fresh, or older players may wish to return and have another shot at RLCraft. This time around, we have had a little fun with the world generation to bring you a whole different experience to before! The RLCraft Node 2 world now contains over 400,000 battletowers in a world-size of 35000x35000 where they are much more common and contains all of the loot you've grown to love! We hope you enjoy this change as it should spice up your experience some more.

You can connect to RLCraft with the following addresses:
- (RLCraft Node 1)
- (RLCraft Node 2)
- (Last Played Node / Node Selection)

7-Day Store Sale (30% OFF)
To celebrate the opening of our second node, our store is now 30% off for all packages, or 40% off for all Lifetime Supporter Ranks! This sale will last until Sunday 31st January and you can take advantage before then by going to 🎉

Block Drop Fix (RLCraft)
I'm also very pleased to share that we have fixed a frustrating bug that has plagued the RLCraft server for quite some time now, after we outlined the causes of the issue. The bug involving blocks not always dropping their ores/resources should no longer occur, and the fix has been applied across both RLCraft nodes. We hope you like this fix, we sure do!

I hope you're all having a safe and wonderful weekend, I hope to hear from you all more in the future.
Thank you!