September Supporter Kits


Staff member
Apr 28, 2019
United Kingdom
I'm deeply sorry for not having a new kit out in June, July or August, we had been incredibly busy and our primary handler of the kits had been away on some personal leave recently. Rest assured, we are actively putting together a new system to allow more members of our staff team to get involved with preparing them!

On the topic of staff, our applications are currently
OPEN and will remain as such for the foreseeable future. If you are interested in joining our wonderful team, please don't hesitate to create an application with the button inside of #interact channel on our Discord server. We look forward to seeing new faces join our team!

During September, you will have access to the following kits:

Omnifactory: Factorio
Project Ozone 3: Material Transportation Tycoon Kit
RLCraft: Fighter's Dream
MC Eternal: Vampire or Hunter
FTB Revelation: Nuclear Reactor Construction Kit
SevTech AOTS: The Blood Corcerer
Chroma Technology: Technological Beginnings

You can find the spreadsheets here, and can access the kits in-game with /kits if you are a supporter.