SevTech: Ages of The Sky now in Early Access!


Staff member
Apr 28, 2019
United Kingdom
Hey! Some exciting news. Our SevTech: Ages Of The Sky server is now available for our Supporters today! All existing and new supporters (lifetime and monthly) can connect to our server with running on 3.2.0-Alpha4

We expect that this early access period will last for a few days!

A slight difference to the other servers (due to SevTech's progression), is that /claimtool will be out of action for the time being! After using /rtp to find your preferred island, you can use /claim which will enable a claiming tool in your own hand, allowing you to right click to claim land as if you had the shovel.

This pack isn't so easy to install on Twitch with it being in alpha, therefore we have loaded it onto the ModRealms Launcher for you to access quickly and easily! All players can access this, but only supporters will be able to access our server.

Want to have a read about SevTech? Click here!