How do I join our FTB Stoneblock 3 server?

Please note that compared to our 1.12.2 servers, there are a lot less custom features, but this only makes the gameplay more true to the modpack itself -- little changes have been made, but we are still focusing on bringing you the smoothest and safest experience possible.

Installing the Modpack

As of currently, the modpack is not available on the ModRealms Launcher, however we are working to upgrade our launcher to support this.

1) Download the FTB App
You can download the FTB App from here. It will install Overwolf on your computer, similar to CurseForge.

2) Once signed in, install FTB Stoneblock 3 from the Home page.
Be sure to select the version that we run our servers on, which you can see from the #servers channel on our Discord server.

3) Once the modpack is installed, head to your Library, find FTB Stoneblock 3 and hit Play.
Your game will load in the background, and once it has launched it will appear on your screen.

Joining the Server

1) Head to Multiplayer and add our server to your game.
2) Connect to the server.
If you experience any issues while trying to connect, please don't hesitate to let us know.
3) Getting Started with FTB Stoneblock 3.
Read all about how to get started with our FTB Stoneblock 3 server by following this link, such as how to claim your cave and invite your friends.