What are the network rules?

No Spamming, Advertising or Excessive Cap Use.
No Foul Language, Hate Speech or Sexual Comments.
No Poltical or Religious Discussion in any chat.
These are to ensure that the chat is kept clean and suitable, for everybody, regardless of their age or background. Anyone found abusing these rule will be sanctioned from the chat, if not removed from the network.

No Griefing of any Protected Areas or Player Property.
Cheating, Hacking, Glitching or Duping is not allowed.
AFK Pools or other methods of bypassing the AFK kicker are not allowed.
If you find a glitch or an exploit whilst on our servers, you must report it to a staff member privately through a ticket. Any player found giving themself an unfair advantage over other players will be removed from the network. If you a found to be using an AFK pool, you will lose network playtime.

Only English in the Main Chat.
This is to ensure that all players are able to understand what is going on in chat. More importantly, it ensures that staff members are able to help players easily, whilst having the chat clear of confusing messages. You are allowed to use /msg if you wish to use other languages.

Impersonation of another player or staff member is not allowed.
Any form of Bullying, Nazism or Racism is not tolerated at any costs.
We want to ensure that our community is a welcoming place for all players. Anyone found harming another player on our community, will be removed from the network.

Abusing a store product or a purchased perk is not allowed
Chargebacks are not allowed and will result with a removal from the network.
All transactions are final, if you lose the perks due to an outage or a suspension of features, we do not need to compensate
If you have a problem with a purchase made, you must come and see us as soon as possible!! We're always here to help! ❤